The Spoon Theory: Living with lupus ~ make your purchase count!

The spoon theory was created by Christine Miserandino as a way to convey to a friend what living with Lupus is like. As she describes it, you only get so many 'spoons' a day (a 'spoon' equals the amount of energy it takes to complete a task) and even the smallest of tasks (that healthy people take for granted) like doing the dishes,may cost you a 'spoon'. A person living with Lupus has to make choices day to day on how they need to 'spend' their spoons. Reading her theory made me understand a little better what life would be like with the disease.

I have known about the spoon theory for some time now. Since I opened up my shop in 2010, I have been contacted by a handful of folks living with Lupus and Fibromyalgia who wanted a pendant as an 'extra spoon' to get through the day with. The stories I heard from customers were so heartwarming and endearing that I thought I would start to 'pay it forward' and donate a potion of my sales to charity

Odds are, there is someone in your life living with lupus or fibromyalgia. Here is your chance to help out a great cause twice. When you use coupon code "spoontheory" at check out, 10% your purchase goes straight to the Lupus Foundation and now that you know a little about the background of The Spoon Theory, you can help spread awareness about the disease.