Mullein Torches

$5.55 - $22.22
  • Mullein Torches
  • Mullein Torches
  • Mullein Torches
  • Mullein Torches
  • Mullein Torches

Used to aid in manifestation, protection, connecting with the spirit world and purifying of sacred spaces.

Ingredients: dried mullein stalk, pure unfiltered beeswax rolled in an array of dried flowers.

Small 2+ inch torch - $5.55
Medium 4+ inch torch - $11.11
Large 6+ inch torch - $15.15
Extra large 8+ inch torch - $22.22

(Length does not include stalk)

The folk name for the medicinal and magical mullein plant is "hag taper". Historically, one would harvest , dry, then dip the bloom in vegetable oil or tallow, and use as a torch for outdoor festivities and ceremonies. Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is traditionally known as a herb of protection. It was also thought to thin the veil between the spirit world and ours and it was used in funeral rites . Other common names for Mullein Candles are Flower Torches, Mullein Torches, Witches Candles.

* torches burn approx. 7 minutes per inch
* It is best to burn entirely once lit (however, you may dip safely in water to extinguish and cut stalk to save for multiple uses)
* They produce little to no smoke, and does not disintegrate when burning (there is very little ash).
* Safe to burn indoors; DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED as can produce a 3-inch flame at times.
* Initial flame will catch once the top of the beeswax melts and mullein stalk is exposed